Sherman L. Snow, Principal Attorney

Sherman L. Snow, Principal Attorney I went to law school and became an attorney to pursue a call to serve people. I enjoy working with clients as real life happens, and working with them through the various legal issues that arise as life unfolds. I love the practice of law: writing wills for clients, helping clients pursue their dreams through businesses and nonprofits that serve our community and world, or even helping families through the tragedy of death in probate.

I am from the Pacific Northwest, and after living in other parts of the country, I returned to Seattle and received a great legal education at Seattle University School of Law. I gained excellent experience working at Dorsey & Whitney’s downtown Seattle office in estate planning and federal tax. I then started my own practice in 2010, and love offering my experience and large firm quality work to my clients, without having to charge the large firm prices.

Snow Law is nimble and efficient. I can charge less than large and medium size law firms, with their larger staff and big office overhead. I bring you experience from working in a downtown firm, and offer that high quality legal work, at prices for the rest of us.

Life is busy. So I have flexible hours, and can meet evenings and weekends. I do house calls. Clients love that I can meet with them after the kids go down. I can meet during lunch, near your work place.

Finally, I see the practice of law as an honorable calling, and my goal is to provide the best legal service possible to my clients.